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Spend less time on email with this trick

My relationship with email is the love/hate type. The days of my inbox being filled with messages from friends and family seem like a distant memory. Today it can take hours of sifting through unimportant email to find those rare gems and I’m not happy about it.

This is how I feel most days…

My inbox is filled with 3 types of messages:

  1. Email I need to read and respond to right now
  2. Email I need to process when it’s convenient
  3. Junk - doesn’t deserve to ever be seen

Unfortunately, my inbox wasn’t designed to prioritize email in this way - every email, no matter the importance is given the same amount of real estate. The result is a ton of wasted time on unimportant/ low-priority email.

On the verge of disabling my email account, a friend told me about a new email prioritization service that he’d been using for a few weeks.

Folks, it’s called SaneBox and it is quite simply amazing.

SaneBox helps alleviate your email burden by filtering out messages that can wait for another time. The email deemed unworthy of your inbox is sent to your new SaneLater folder & conveniently summarized for you, leaving your inbox for more important messages.

SaneBox includes various other email productivity related features, but the smart filtering is what saves me the most time. More saved time on email, means more time to redesign my kitchen. Yippie! 

If you get too much email, SaneBox might the solution for you.

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